Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CanJS execute code on component initialization

I didn't found it described anywhere, but it works for me. If you need to execute code after component initialization, you can add init method to scope and it is executed after component is created.

    scope: {
      init: function() {

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Updating model elements of CanJS component scope

CanJS scope is simple map and when you need to retrieve new element from server the easiest way seems just to assign new model to property, like:

  scope.attr('todos', new Todo.List({date:val}));

This is easy and works, but not best solution, as values blink on screen. This is because initial list is empty and values are added after they are loaded, so more smooth and reactive (bazinga!) way to do it, will be by model's findAll method callback, like:

  Todo.findAll({date:val}, function(todos){ scope.attr('todos', todos) });

Additional benefit of this approach is that you can use new values for whatever you might need besides displaying them.