Thursday, April 9, 2015

Using Clojure dependencies without specifying version number

Clojure has mandatory version number for dependecies, so until you are a real fan of the library, you may need to look it up somewhere. Fortunately, it is possible to specify LATEST instead of version, like:
(leiningen.exec/deps '[[http-kit "LATEST"]])

Clojure command line script with dependencies

If you want to use Clojure for command line scripts, the easiest way is by using lein-exec plugin. It compiles clj files on the fly and downloads all necessary dependencies that are declared in same file, similarly to Groovy @Grab annotation.

For example, if you have file named download.clj with
(leiningen.exec/deps '[[http-kit "2.1.16"]])
(require '[org.httpkit.client :as http])

(prn (:body @(http/get "")))

it is possible to run it by:
lein exec download.clj

Sunday, April 5, 2015

My recipe for IntelliJ IDEA distraction free mode

One of the top features in IntelliJ IDEA 14.1 is distraction free mode. I am totally in love with it and not looking back, working 100% of time in it. Biggest concern about it is: loosing tabs. I was happy with tabs before, but it looks like there is a bunch of better options:

  • Recent Files (Cmd + E) - basically dropdown with tabs, but you can also do text search in it.
  • Switcher (Ctrl + Tab) - same as Recent Files, but opens file once shortcut is released. A little faster, but you are loosing search. This is the closest to original tabs.
  • Search Everywhere (Shift + Shift) - acts as Recent Files, but if you type something - also does search for Classes, Files, Symbols, Actions, Preferences. So together with tabs it basically replaces also Cmd + E, Cmd + O, Shift + Cmd + O, Alt + Cmd + O, Shift + Cmd + A.

I chose Search Everywhere as it is most feature rich and is really awesome. I also remapped it to Ctrl + E as it includes Recent Files, but as shortcut Ctrl + E works faster and is easier to reach.

Tabs had another aspect - tabs pinning, I didn't used it a lot, but for occasional use, bookmarks replace them nicely and provide more features as can pin specific line together with file. So use F3 to bookmark and Cmd + F3 to list bookmarks.

Everything else: like splitting, navigation bar, file path, tool windows, etc. is easy accessible via shortcuts or Find Action... (Shift + Cmd + A) if you forgot shortcut.