Friday, September 28, 2012

Using Spring Security with CXF in Grails

CXF plugin is super easy way to add SOAP web service to Grails application. It creates regular service class, with few specific parameters and voila - you have SOAP. But what if you want security?
REST web services are native citizens in Grails - they are just actions in controllers, so you can use Spring Security annotations to check permissions. But there is no annotations for services. There are two easy options.
First, you can restrict actions by defining static rules. This is very simple, but not very flexible as it does not allow to configure permissions on method level, you will have to create different services for different permissions. Also, old clients may not work if WSDL requires authentication.
Second method, is to check permissions manually. In practice this is similar to annotations, and can be converted to annotations easily. There is example:

  Secret secret(int id) {
    return Secret.get(id)

  void checkRights(String rights) {
    if (!SpringSecurityUtils.ifAllGranted(rights)) {
      throw new IllegalAccessException("You don't have permission")

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