Friday, September 16, 2011

Java web application monitoring tool

I was looking for production monitoring tool recently. I didn't have any specific requirements, just to have some understanding about load and bottlenecks. Finally, after some googling I found one very interesting option JavaMelody.

This tool takes risky, but very interesting approach, proxies JDBC calls, loads as web filter, advisor for Spring, etc. Additionally, it watches usual VM stuff, like JMX. As result it has a lot of very detailed and deep statistics, like sql queries time, page load times, and so on. Also it provides a lot of graphics and tables, to watch, generally looks nice and advanced. Of course with this approach it looks quite dangerous, but seems like this is already mature tool and I would like to try to use it in my projects.

Also, it has very nice and simple integration with Grails. Just install Grails-melody plugin, and you have your statistics under URL <hostname:port/app-ctx>/monitoring. This is regular application URL, so you can easily configure access rights and login in your application.

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