Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Running ant task in maven

Sometimes you have some task that you just need to execute: without attaching to build phase, or any process - just run. Unfortunately maven is not very flexible about it. Fortunately, it is still possible. To do it, you need use antrun plugin with custom profile. For example, like this:

                <property file="user.properties" prefix="user"/>
                <scp file="target/target.war" todir="${user.login}:${user.password}@${user.server}:/home/user/" trust="true"/>
                <sshexec host="${user.server}" username="${user.login}" password="${user.password}" command="sudo ./redeploy.sh" trust="true" />


Later, you can run this script like:

mvn antrun:run -Pdeploy

Of course you can have different scripts in several profiles.

This approach even has advantages over having separate Ant's build.xml - you don't need to have separate Ant installation, or for instance, with example above, you don't need to download jsch plugin separately - it is all done by Maven.

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