Friday, January 25, 2013

grails-coffeescript-resources is not working after deploying war in production

There is great Grails plugin that allows to work with CoffeeScript very easily, compiles .coffee files on the fly and does all dirty work.
However, once I tried to deploy my application to test environment, all CoffeeScript files became available in browser as is, without compilation. After some investigation I found out that problem is that it does not supports applications deployed as packed WAR files (with unpackWARs="false" in server.xml), it was pretty easy to fix by modifying plugin script grails-app/resourceMappers/CoffeeScriptResourceMapper.groovy by changing:
      File input = grailsApplication.parentContext.getResource(resource.sourceUrl).file

to this

      File input
      try {
        input = grailsApplication.parentContext.getResource(resource.sourceUrl).file
      } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
        input = new File(original.absolutePath)

and it should work.
One problem is that this change is inside plugin, so you can't do change in your code, and should change plugin itself. I submitted fix with pull request on GitHub, hopefully it will be merged. Until then it is possible to compile your own version from here, or just replace this one line on build server.

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