Friday, January 18, 2013

Working around grails.serverURL redirect in Grails 2

The most annoying issue with Grails 2 migration is that it requires redirection to grails.serverURL when it is specified. This property is needed if there are absolute links in application (in emails, for example).
First problem that I had with it, was after deploying application to test environment. We deploy production version, so all redirects became redirects to production, this could be solved by externalizing Grails configuration.
Second problem was more severe. We have following setup: load balancer with two nodes behind it. Our deployment script takes first node down, deploys, runs smoke tests, releases first node, takes second node down, deploys, smoke tests, releases.
So basically, production URL is load balancer's entry point, and when smoke tests run on node which is down it is never redirected to tested server (because it is down and it is behind load balancer), so every redirect (after spring security login, for example), breaks tests flow.
After some digging around, I found the best option is to abandon grails.serverURL - which is totally unusable now, and add to email link generation my own parameter from externalized Grails configuration (for each environment). This is sad as createLink with absolute parameter was great function and it didn't required dragging custom parameters.
That is how it is now.
What I would love to see in the future is grails.serverURL is used ONLY in all links generated with absolute:true and nowhere else, but all redirects work as if grails.serverURL not specified at all.

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